USS Farragut (DD-348) Waterline version

Kit to build one model of one 1/350 USS Farragut (DD-348), Waterline version. Includes resin parts, 3D printed parts, photoetch fret, decals and brass parts.
Currently out of stock, but will be available on the second week of July. (Photos shows the full hull version, only the hull changes)

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A complete kit to build one 1/350 model of the USS Farragut (DD-348) Waterline version.
Kit includes resin parts, 3D printed parts, brass and PE parts, decals.
(Photos shows the full hull version, only the hull changes)

About the USS Farragut (DD-348) :

USS Farragut DD-348 was the first of a new class of eight destroyers launched between 1934 and 1935 which incorporated new technologies in machinery and armament. They were the first of the famous “1500-tonners” classes that were eventually succeeded by the 2100-ton Fletchers. The Farraguts saw extensive service during WWII, but only five survived the War. None were lost in combat, but USS Hull and USS Monaghan capsized during the famous Typhoon Cobra of December 1944, and USS Worden ran aground in January 1943 off the coast of Alaska.

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