Tribal class destroyer Late fit detail set

Detail set for Trumpeter Tribal destroyer. Late fit detail set. 3D designed and printed.

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Content :

2 pdr. Pom Pom Mk.VIII gun on quad mount Mk.VII (x1)

20mm Oerlikon Mk.4 gun and square opening shield (x6)

Twin 20mm Oerlikon gun on power mount Mk.V (x4)

Mk.II depth charge thrower and depth charges (x2)

Depth charges release track for Mk.VII depth charges (x1)

Mk.IX quadruple torpedo tubes (x1)

Twin 4.7’’/45 Mk.XII gun on Mk.XIX mounting (x3)

4’’/45 gun Mk.XVI on Mk.XIX twin mount (x1)

Steam windlass (x1)

Compass (x1)

Pelorus (x1)

Sailing wheel (x1)

Cable reel (x4)

Admiralty 20’’ signalling projector (x2)

44’’ searchlight projector (x1)

4.7’’ gun ready use locker type 1 (x13)

4.7’’ gun ready use locker type 2 (x5)

4’’ gun ready use locker (x4)

2pdr ready use locker (x2)

20mm ammunition box (x2)

Smoke pots (x6)

Rangefinder director Mk.I of 1937 (x1)

Gunnery control tower (x1)

Propellers (x2)

16’ dinghy (x1)

25’ fast motor boat (x1)

25’ motor cutter (x1)

27’ whaler (x1)

Carley Float N°20 (x8)

Fiche technique

Fiche technique
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