Loyalty points

The Loyalty points system can be found on your BCM personnal account. Right down icon.

How it works ? For each validated order, you will earn 1 point for each €, $ or £ spent, without shipping fees.
You order for $ 50.00 of products, you earn 50 points, it's quite simple.

Each point has a value of 0.05 of your currency, so if you earned 100 points, you have the possibility to lower your next order by 5.00 €, $ or £.

You can also be a sponsor for your friends, share the link and earn some points !


How to use the points, same as above it's quite simple.

On the shopping cart, you have the possibility to redeem points, just enter how many you want, and the calculation will be done automatically.

You can use all your points to have a free order, if you got many of them, you will just have to pay for the shipping.



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