USS Fletcher 1943 Square Bridge detail set

USS Fletcher 1943 Square Bridge detail set

Detail set for Trumpeter Fletcher destroyer. Kit N°050304. 3D designed and printed.

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Detail set for Trumpeter Square Bridge Fletcher destroyer. Kit N°05304.


2 x double knukle 5in. turrets

3 x single knukle 5in. turrets

1 x 5in. practice loader

1 x Mk.14 quintuple torpedo tubes

1 x Mk.15 quintuple torpedo tubes

2 x 26'whaleboat

3 x pelorus

2 x flag bags

6 x sky lookout chairs

3 x torpedo directors

2 x 36' searchlights

6 x 12' signal lamps

2 x binnacles

4 x cable reels

4 x life rings

2 x motor boat winch

2 x smoke generator

12 x 20mm ammunition ready lockers

1 x Mk.37 gun director

6 x K guns and depth charges trays

2 x depth charges tracks and spare tracks

6 x 20mm Oerlikon guns

5 x 40mm Bofors twin

6 x 25 man balsa rafts

5 x Mk.51 gun directors

1 x Mk.49 platform base

1 x Mk.51 platform base

1 x Tear drop shape rear shelter

3 x Mk.49 gun directors

Data sheet

Data sheet
Detail set
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