La Marseillaise cruiser detail set

Detail set for the La Galissonnière class cruiser 1944 fit detail set. 3D designed and printed.

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Detail set for La Marseillaise cruiser. 3D designed and printed.

Content :

- 3x 152mm Triple gun turrets
- 4x 90mm AA twin gun under shield
- 4x 13.2 twin gun under shield
- 2x 550mm twin torpedo tubes
- 1x 152mm gun director
- 2x 90mm gun director
- 3x 120mm searchlight
- 2x 13,2mm twin MGs
- 2x 25mm AA guns
- 1x 37mm twin gun

This set is designed to detail the Trumpeter kit of La Marseillaise cruiser. Good also for the five other cruisers of the class early in their carreer.

Data sheet

Data sheet
Detail set
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