Landing Craft Tank LCT(5)

Kit to build one model of one 1/350 Landing Craft Tank LCT(5).
Includes 3D printed parts, photoetch fret, decals and brass parts.

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A complete kit to build one 1/350 model of a Landing Craft Tank LCT(5).
Kit includes 3D printed parts, brass and PE parts, decals.

Includes: 2 x Sherman tanks and 4 x 105mm M-7 Priest Howitzers.

About the Landing Craft Tank LCT(5) :

A total of 470 Landing Craft, Tank LCT(5) were built during WWII by five shipyards and eight steel building companies from June 1942 to November of the same year.  Overall length was 114 feet and light displacement 133tons that gave them the possibility to embark Sherman tanks, M-7 howitzers or light armor and trucks. Many of them were transfered to Great Britain under the Lend Lease Program and served during the North African, Europe and Pacific Campaigns.

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How to prepare 3D parts ?

Instructions to help you prepare the Black Cat Models 3D printed parts.

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