Admirable class minesweeper

Admirable class minesweeper. 3D designed and printed.

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Set of one model kit, contains resin hull, 3D printed parts, photoetch fret, decals and instruction notice.

The Admirable class of United States Navy minesweepers consisted of 123 completed ships.  These steel-hulled ships measured 184 feet 6 inches long and displaced 625 tons.  In addition to minesweeping, the Admirable class were used for anti-submarine warfare duties.  For the latter, a hedgehog anti-submarine mortar launcher was fitted forward and a pair of roll-off depth charge racks fitted aft.   A total of 34 ships were transferred to the Soviet Union during World War II.  Only one ship, USS Hazard, remains as a museum ship in Omaha, Nebraska, United States.

Admirable class minesweepers saw service in the Atlantic Ocean, European waters, Alaskan waters and in the Pacific Ocean.  After the war, some ships continued to serve in the US Navy while others were transferred to various foreign navies.

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Data sheet
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How to prepare 3D parts ?

Instructions to help you prepare the Black Cat Models 3D printed parts.

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