Landing Craft Tank LCT(6)

Kit to build one model of one 1/350 Landing Craft Tank LCT(6).
Includes 3D printed parts, photoetch fret, decals and brass parts.

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A complete kit to build one 1/350 model of a Landing Craft Tank LCT(6).
Kit includes 3D printed parts, brass and PE parts, decals.

Includes: 2x Sherman tanks and 2x 105mm M-7 Priest Howitzers.

Short history of the Landing Craft Tank LCT(6) :

With 965 units built from August 1943 to December 1944, the LCT(6), for Landing Craft, Tank (6), is the most numerous type of the US LCTs. Slightly larger than the earlier LCT(5), its main advantage was in the possibility to load vehicles by the rear door, and unload them by the front one. This made rotations to the beaches far more easy. LCT(6)s took part to the D-Day landings and amphibious operations in the Pacific, many of them were transfered to Great Britain during the War, and many others to occidental navies after.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
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How to prepare 3D parts ?

Instructions to help you prepare the Black Cat Models 3D printed parts.

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Instructions notice for this model.

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