How to prepare my 3d printed parts ?


How to use resin parts
Parts are printed in a gray resin that is both sturdy and flexible.
To separate parts from their printing supports, the best method that we suggest is the following :

> A pair of fine twizzers
> Swann Morton cutter with a 11P blade
> A pair of fine and pointed ends scissors
> Sanding paper N°400 or N°600 grade

Removing parts from their supports
Cut the support rods closest to the part with the scissors.
The small remaining support rod can be cut with the cutter or sanded smooth with the sanding paper.
During these stages, part can be held between fingers or with the twizzers, depending of its size.

Use of Super glue is recommended, either, medium, thin, extra thin.
Very small drops of glue can be used with the help of a thin wire.

Because of the extremely fine details found on the parts, it is better to airbrush the parts with acrylics.
Enamels can work, but may blur details when used with a pencil.

You can download our guide here.

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